Taipei’s Unique People (2) – A Tattoo Artist with Attitude!

wp_20170303_19_07_19_pro__highres.jpgWe would like to introduce you another interesting figure hanging around in Taipei! He is our friend, Benjamin “Ben” Lee (or you can also call him “Ah-Ben“), a man of attitude!!

With a right forearm fully covered with tattoos, Benny looks like a man with stories. But these stories are not so crucial to us. All we have to know is that: HE IS A GREAT TATTOO ARTIST.

“Till this day, there are still quite a few Formosans doing tattoo in their village with traditional methods and designs.”He says.

“So, if you are going to work, you have to use the best tools, which include “heart”, and it has to be the dedicated one.”

A Tattoo artist has to be creative, not just using designs that exist already. A Tattoo artist has to be fully focused on the work with heart.

These are the things which make someone a good Tattoo artist, instead of simply a “tattoo worker”. (Said by him)

As tattoo business is quite small in Taiwan, the competition is fierce. However, only skills matter and the popularity of Ben’s studio has proved this.

In Taiwan, due to the stereotypes, and even bias, tattoo is not so popular. As a result, tattoo artists charges high prices for their services. This has lead tattooing to be considered a luxury.

However, Needle No. 8  keeps thriving, because Ben has targeted foreign customers in addition ­­­­to locals. This approach works out with the aid of the skills and reputation of him and his team. In fact, many foreigners come to Needle Number 8 to get tattoos.

To tell you the truth, we just got our own tattoos!!!

You can find Benjamin and his team on Facebook: Needle No. 8

Tip: If you want to get inked and you are a traveler, don’t leave it for the last day of your trip. The studio is very popular, so you may need to make an appointment at least a week prior!

Address: No. 5, Alley 29, Lane 205, Section 4, Chung-Hsiao East Road, Ta-An District, 10690 Taipei City, Taiwan

What’s Nearby? WA-SHU


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