Taipei’s Unique People (1) Tea Master in Neighborhood

The best thing about traveling is not only the places you visit, but mainly the people you meet. And Taipei City is full of interesting people; each of them has their own personal story to tell.


A striking example is Bo-Han Chen, the Tea – making – master, whom we had the chance to meet!

By the side of a park in a quiet neighborhood within the downtown of Taipei, there is a “hermit-like” teashop only known by those who seek for a cup of genuine tea. Here, it is not just a place for people to enjoy their tea in a relaxing afternoon, but also a place for social, sharing experience, even a personal studio for art and creation!

Countless boxes of tea on the shelf behind the counter, give away the owner’s persistence to provide tea of excellent quality to everyone who visits his place.

0_rlvBo-Han likes to roll his cigarette, instead of having those pre-made ones. He is kind of guy who does everything by himself.

Likewise, he started his own business -the tea shop- turning his hobby into profession. During his early days in this business, he accumulated knowledge and experiences on tea making, which led to his very own unique style of tea!

He firmly insists that all tea has to be made with natural ingredients. For instance, he uses only honey instead of synthetic saccharin. It is all about quality, honesty, genuineness, freshness, and health. He uses exclusively   premium tea leaves, because he believes that cost is not a big issue when compared to the quality.

If you want to meet Bo-Han, you will find him at his HM Tea Shop every afternoon (12pm to 6pm).

Address: No. 7, Alley 25, Lane 113, Section 3, Min-Sheng East Road, Song-Shan District, 10556 Taipei City, Taiwan


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