R&D Cocktail Lab


R&D Cocktail Lab is the ideal place to be on Tuesday night. From the moment you enter the Bar, you will notice the wide and long bar; spacious and without unnecessary decorations. The dim light creates an ideal atmosphere like the one a Bar should have.

To my surprise, there was no menu. Instead of this, a very refined man approached us and asked what kind of flavors we prefer. Then he proposed a variety of cocktails according to our tastes. The most impressive thing is that some cocktails were made up on the spot by the bartenders.


The service was fast and the employees were extremely polite, either be bartenders or waiters. Everyone was trying to create a friendly environment.

Not only this, but also the cocktails were tasty and original in comparison to western standards. To be more accurate, the minimal style prevails in the bar. There are no garnitures on the cocktails – like fruits, fancy strokes or trimmed ice. However, this minimalistic aesthetic is combined exquisitely with the powerful cocktails.

Moreover, the music was alluring, just to make you keep drinking.

The bartenders were also easy to approach and very proficient in their job; polite and cheerful.

The most interesting and impressive thing, which I have never seen before, is that all the employees work in rotation. To be more precise, all the personnel are bartenders and they switch positions (waiter, manager, bartender etc.) according to the schedule.

WP_20170301_01_42_15_Pro__highresSomething extremely important: All the employees are fluent in English, despite that their customers are mainly locals.

Last but not least, the prices were reasonable matching the excellent service and the quality of drinks.

Tuesday, 28 Feb. 2017, 21:30

Bar Leader: Chris Kim

Official Website: Facebook

Address: No.36, Chia-Hsing Street, Hsin-Yi District, 11052 Taipei City, Taiwan

ps. It’s really close to the Taipei 101. Why not spend your night here after enjoy the night skyline of Taipei?!


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