We are …. Just us!

Name: Artemis Emirli


Birth Place: Earth

Race: Human

Politics: Freedom

Religion: Love

Occupation: Jack of all trades and master of none.

Apart from being a forever dreamer and fool, I studied law at the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece and I have obtained a master’s degree in the subject of International Law and International Security awarded by the University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK). At the moment, I am a PhD student at my alma mater. Additionally, I speak three foreign languages and I love sports – Judo is the love of my life-. Finally, designing is my burning passion in life.

During my studies in Glasgow I met my pal and brother in life Didier Lee who has given me a great friendship and support. I had the fortune to meet my other half – Eleni Vasileiadou – when I returned from Scotland and my life hasn’t been boring not a single day ever since.

I fell in love with Taiwan (Formosa) from the moment I set my foot on this land and I’ve decided to show the beauties of this country to the entire world.

My motto in life is: “Life is small and the world so big. So, let’s explore it to the fullest.”

Name:  Didier Lee

diMy name is Didier, a local Taiwanese. I met my good-o-pal Artemis in Scotland – more precisely, Glasgow, our second home town.

Nevertheless, Taiwan is my mother land in any case and I love her. I have been an amateur researcher and lecturer of Taiwanese because it is not only my native tongue, but also a symbol of my national identification. I am proud to be part of the world as a Taiwanese, and I want to pass down the memory and culture of Taiwan!

That’s why I joint and provide my fully support to Artemis’ project and together we will explore every corner in Taiwan because I really want to introduce my beloved mother Taiwan to the whole world. I firmly believe “Now, or  Never”.

So, what are we waiting for?  It’s the time NOW!

Name:  Eleni Vasileiadou

Greece – for the time being and in general

Political Believes:
Freedom & self-determination

My curriculum vitae is not very rich; however, I’m pursuing a “portfolio career” which has many experiences rather than achievements.

Art is my passion in life; particularly, painting and the theater. Therefore, I chose theater as my major when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Patra (Greece). However, making a living out of the theater has proved to be extremely difficult so far.  Hence, I’m following a different career now.

Nevertheless, my advice: “Art tames the man. So, teach your children the beauty of art.”

As far as I am concerned, creativity is everything. Thus, I’m directing my creativity in bar-tending at the moment. After attending a few seminars on bar-tending, I have come to the conclusion that it is amazing how many things you can create using syrups, fruits, garnitures and any kind of spirits.  Besides, bar-tending has evolved to art in the recent years. In point of fact, people request for new flavors and experiences and I feel the obligation to answer to their demands.

Regarding our project, I have only one thing to say: “The world is full of diversities. On the one hand, you can see high and peaceful mountains and on the other hand, savage seas. The world is beautiful itself and us people should find a peaceful way to co-exist in it”. Therefore, we want to show you the beauty of our world and then you people should finally find your way though.

Motto in Life: “There is none, brat! Just find good friends and luck will come to you!”

Icons: My mother.

P.S.: Do not resist to flavors. It is a sin…!


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